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The King is dead! Long Live Blast Cult! 
Jason Burns,
esteemed builder of doublebasses is now launching 
his new brand of amazing supercool instruments! 
The first model is called One4Five!


Made in the USA. Designed to sound great acoustically and amplified, the One4Five can go from stage to studio delivering giant acoustic bass presence and tone. Fingerboard, nut, tailpiece, and endpin are made from swamp skunk, a Brazilian hardwood species that is a warmer sounding, sustainable, rainforest saving alternative to ebony. 
All seams and joints are engineered for maximum strength and are assembled with incredibly strong Gorilla Glue.
This means you can leave your antique bass at home and let the One4Five take on the rigors of the road.


  • 3/4 size 41 3/4" scale length double bass

  • 5 ply laminated maple body with extra thick 4ply inner glue linings and solid maple outer lining

  • All seams and joints glued with Gorilla Glue

  • Hand shaped hard maple neck

  • European maple bridge, prefit for Channel Blaster and Monolux pickup systems

  • German made single plate tuning machines

  • Blast Cult swamp skunk 35" fingerboard with medium compound radius

  • Blast Cult swamp skunk tailpiece featuring zero degree string pull for longer lasting string life

  • Blast Cult swamp skunk endpin with hardened aircraft stainless pin and collar

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Semigloss/satin finish standard on all colors:

BC100-1001  Black                                                     
Blood stain            2900:- EUR + VAT               33.995:- SEK inkl. moms
Antique White        2900:- EUR + VAT               33.995:- SEK inkl. moms

BC100-1004  Green Pearl          
Tobacco Burst        3100:- EUR + VAT               35.995:- SEK inkl. moms
Red Burst             
Copper Pearl Burst  3100:- EUR + VAT               35.995:- SEK inkl. moms

custom order: 
Polished gloss mirror finish:   Add: 475:- EUR + VAT 
    5.000:- SEK inkl. moms  
all colors (except black)
Piano Black gloss:                  Add: 950:- EUR + VAT    10.000:- SEK inkl. moms 

Special colors, custom woodworking, and commissioned instruments available


One4Five-Red Burst  (out of stock)    





One4Five-Black  (temporarily out of stock)


One4Five-Blood Stain  (in stock)

One4Five-Antique White  (in stock)

One4Five-Green Pearl  (out of stock)

One4Five-Tobacco Burst  (in stock)

One4Five-Copper Pearl Burst  (in stock)




One4Five  CUSTOM  Basses     NOW IN STOCK!!

All custom basses have adjustable bridges installed!

BC100-2004cfsc   Copper Flake with Scallops,            Price: 4200:- EUR + VAT              48.995:- SEK inkl. moms
BC100-2004rbsc   Redburst with Scallops,       
SOLD Price: 4000:- EUR + VAT           SÅLD      
BC100-2004sfpst  SilverFlake HotRod PinStripe 
SOLD Price: 3900:- EUR + VAT           SÅLD     
BC100-2004bkpst  Black with HotRod PinStripe,          Price: 3600:- EUR + VAT                       41.995:- SEK inkl. moms
BC100-2004wst    Wood Stain, relic finish                 Price: 3190:- EUR + VAT                       36.995:- SEK inkl. moms

Copper Flake with Scallops

Redburst with Scallops   SOLD

Black with HotRod PinStripe

SilverFlake with HotRod PinStripe  SOLD

Wood Stain: This relic bass has all the looks of a vintage bass with the feel and tone of a BLAST CULT! 
Inspired by finishes centuries old and some of our favorite players that want a more traditional look and feel.



Thirty2   Electric Bass Guitar


  •  32” inch scale

  •  Louisiana Cypress body

  •  Maple neck

  •  BLAST CULT swamp skunk fingerboard 

  •  Hipshot bridge

  •  Hipshot ultra light tuners

  •  BLAST CULT active upright bass pick-up by EMG

  •  Vintage jumbo frets

  •  9.5 fingerboard radius

  •  Graph Tech tusq bass nut 1.62” width

  •  Coined BLAST CULT logo on neck pocket

  •  41 ½  complete length 

  •  Made in the U.S.A.

In stock at the moment:
BC250-4000cb   Copper Burst,     Price: 2195:- EUR + VAT 
SOLD        23.995:- SEK inkl. moms  SÅLD
BC250-4000zw   Zebra Wood,     Price: 2900:- EUR + VAT             
              33.995:- SEK inkl. moms

Thirty2 Copper Burst

Thirty2 Zebra Wood




Optional :


BLAST CULT  Upright Bass GIG-BAG       

  • Bass Bag surrounded by 2" open cell padded protection

  • Accessory side pocket with zippered mesh organizer

  • Padded bow pocket

  • 9 doubled stitched rivet reinforced padded handles

  • Removable padded shoulder strap

  • Embroidered Blast Cult logo

  • Crushed green velveteen liner

  • Heavy duty double pull main entry zipper

  • Durable courdura outer shell

Price:  350:- EUR + VAT         3.995:- SEK inkl. moms








Bridge Adjusters

Blast Cult 6-Star bridge adjusters. Sick of having to loosen 
all your strings to adjust your action? We did! That's why we created our 6 point adjusters, capable of changing your action at FULL TENSION. Retuning is required of course, but they're a hell of a time saver! 

Price:   45:- EUR + VAT             495:- SEK inkl. moms



Blast Cult STRINGS:

Low Lifes                                                  Price:   75:- EUR + VAT                    795:- SEK inkl. moms
We designed these flatwound steel strings with extra low tension to reproduce the feel 
of gutstrings. These low tension strings will work with magnetic and piezo pickup systems. 
Low Lifes are meant to be slapped.

Tone Mongers                                           Price:  175:- EUR + VAT                    1.795:- SEK inkl. moms
This is our most popular set of upright bass strings. 
We include our LOW LIFE flatwound steel E and A with our GUT BUCKET D and G
These strings are perfect for the players who needs the most punch and resonance from 
the E and A strings while maintaining the natural tone and playability of a traditional gut set.

Gut Buckets                                              Price:  220:- EUR + VAT                    2.295:- SEK inkl. moms
Made from the finest mutton serosa available, these gut strings are the real deal. 
Our gut strings are painstakingly pre-stretched and custom finished in house. 
GUT BUCKETS are the ultimate traditional tone for all roots music.





Blast Cult  CHANNEL BLASTER  Pickup System

The Channel Blaster pickup system was designed for slap bass players. This incomparable pickup system includes two separate pickup elements that are independently EQed and blended via the sipo hardwood Channel Blaster pedal. The wooden bridge pickup element mounts to the bridge wing with the included tension controller, allowing for mechanical tone adjustment and feedback control. The second wooden element is mounted under the fingerboard to reproduce the slap and organic percussion of your fingerboard. The single-ended class A preamp Channel Blaster foot pedal uses field effect transistors (FET) instead of the commonly used operational amplifiers. This gives a warmer, vacuum tube tone. Combined, this makes the most versatile, feedback resistant piezo bass pickup on the market.

Price:  375:- EUR + VAT               4.495:- SEK inkl. moms




Blast Cult  MONOLUX  Pickup System     

This hardwood clad, piezo element is the Holy Grail of upright bass pickups. With its mechanical tone adjuster and wood on wood casing, you can adjust to the tone that suits your style all the while eliminating feedback. Go from traditional acoustic wood tones to bowel loosening bottom end and everything in between. 

Price:  165:- EUR + VAT        1.795:- SEK inkl. moms







Blast Cult  MURRAY´S CAN     

The delay is one of the first effects used in rock and roll and one of our favorite sounds. There are plenty of pedals being made today that use reproduction Phillips or Recticon chips so when we designed this delay/filter we wanted to make an effects pedal that did more than a standard, bucket-brigade, analog delay pedal. We use our own proprietary chip mixed into our secret recipe circuit to give a much more dramatic tone. With infinite looping and a slightly hot gain stage we were able to create a unique, vintage sounding effects pedal that we shoehorned into a can of Murray´s hair grease for an instantly cool tone for guitar, vocals, and anything else you want to sound slick. It even comes with a comb and a full can of hair grease so that you can look as cool as you sound.

Price:  170:- EUR + VAT         1.995:- SEK inkl. moms









             Blast Cat black                   EST. 2011 white or black                         EST. 2011 backside

Price:   17:- EUR + VAT                    175:- SEK inkl. moms  





Djordje Stijepovic,  Jason Burns (luthier - seated),  Miles Mosley,  Jimbo Wallace,  Dave Roe (not in picture)

Miles Mosley                                                               Djordje Stijepovic

Jimbo Wallace                                                                 Dave Roe      






          Martin Engström/ John Lindberg Trio                                   Chris Henniger/ The RayCats










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